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Good morning. Today I want to talk to you about Anna Ruiz. You know, we constantly talk about dedication, discipline, and yesterdays buzz word perseverance. Anna has been with us for probably about 3 years and has always been a productive agent. She has a great personality and is a natural when it comes to sales. She has mixed real estate with other sales endeavors, but real estate is really where she makes her money. In any event I hadn’t heard from her in awhile and with our 3 transaction requirement, it was apparent to me that she probably wasn’t going to meet it. So, I sent her my preliminary termination notice. She called me. Unbeknownst to me, she had been in a terrible automobile accident and was actually life flighted to Lee Memorial from the accident scene. She spent a month in the hospital. After hearing that, I obviously apologized for being a jerk and told her that whatever she needed, we would be there for her. Yesterday, on one leg and a crutch she came into the office. We were overjoyed to see her. In her hand, were closing papers. In spite of everything, she had listed and sold a property. This my friends, is a profile in perseverance. In my book, Anna is a superstar. Please give her a shout out. Can we learn from this?

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